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World Cup Edt. Custom Console (V.2.0.0)
  • World Cup Edt. Custom Console (V.2.0.0)


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    Sony Playstation 1 Custom Fifa World Cup Edition. 

    Max. Supply : 10
    Sold : 4
    Ready to Ship: 0


    Set Include:
    1x Console

    1x Controllers

    1x TV Leads

    4x Billboard

    2x Player. (1 Goal Keeper 1 Panalty Shooter.)

    -*Optional - "Dioramemo" World cup Memory Card



    That model upgraded version of older one; Football fans will love changes.  
    Let me explain model details. 


    SCPH-9002 PALAs all my customs cleaned inside and outside carefully. Protective coat applied all the bases. Used Pure White mainly. Applied ground paste Cd Cover/Lid before static grass. So it gives, real soccer field effect. Cover Open button and controller ports changeable. Also, front World cup logo magnetic. You can easily rotate or take off it. If you want to change design, you can purchase additional expansion pack. (For ex. France 98 pack(ready) or Usa 94 pack(Soon)) On Field, i made a diorama for Italia 90 Final Match. Germany v.s Argentina penalty position. For intense ambiance, all brands billboards designed and made of that era. 2 billboard will be sent with pack.

    All the Players made by me with 3d resin and handpainted carefully as shirts of that years. If you are ordering new console; you can select teams in options. (Brazil, Italia, Usa, Argentina or France etc.)
    There is Referee on Reset button. Its also made with resin and painted. 
    Power button designed by me like a soccer ball. 



    On new Version 2.5.0 I designed controllers as Country Flags. Also, buttons designed as tactic chart. I wanted to keep Golden Shoes. Its really giving perfect feeling with Static grass ground. But updated version haves smoother and pure results with resin prints. (As you see on photo, Different themes controllers have different pitch gorund grass)


    -SOUND MOD- Optional New Feature 

    Here you can listen, example of my sound modded consoles via Portfolio site. Here is many options you can listen. Zelda n64, Yoshi Snes, Gran Turismo Ps1 or Ninja Turtles examples. We can place stadium ambiance to Power On.. Or For ex. Champions League music (3-15 sec.)

    Insta Portfolio:


    -POWER- New Feature (06.04.2023)
    Now it powered by Bitfunx Universal power board 12v.. With 12V adaptors (110-240V) all power standarts you can use it. 



    Expension packs giving opportunity to buyer change console design totally. You have one console but you can change it to 2-3 different looking. Just change magnetic logo, ports and OPEN button. 
    !Attention: Changing theme, needs very basic technical skills to unscrew  bolts and film cables. 

    Tested All and working every piece problemless. Will be packed very well and securely to handle long distance travel. But please don't forget; Customs will open box. If they don't put back well, Penalty shooter or goal&Goalkeeper may apart. Then you will need to glue them back. 

    If item is "Ready Stock" Preparing documents, preparing certificate and printing it out, arrange packing elements and delivering parcel to Fedex hub with local postage system takes days. 
    So, Ready to ship doesn't mean "will dispatch tomorrow" Just you wouldn't wait items production. Couple days, later, tracking code will be applied to system.  Will be packed very well and 
    securely to handle long distance travel. :) 


    NOTE: When out of stock; It will be "Order to Made" Which will take 10-20 days to producing time depends on production line.. 


    NOTE 2: 

    * optional* DIORAMEMO
    World Cup memory card will be changed. We will open new Dioramemo section for whole designs. 


    Please feel free to ask details and information about item. I will happily reply your questions. I hope you will like model.


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