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TMNT Edition Custom Nintendo NES
  • TMNT Edition Custom Nintendo NES

    Stok kodu: CSTM-TMNTEDTNES

    If you want to purchase and more details please visit our ETSY Shop.


    This is 2022 collection model. 

    Note: Last 4 Units to SOLD OUT.


    TMNT Edition Custom Nintendo Nes (Ver.1.2.1)

    Max. Supply : 10
    Sold : 6
    Ready to Ship: 1 


    Set Include:
    - Sound Modded Console
    - Controller (Standart is Leonardo)
    - TV Leads 
    Optional: Four Score Adaptor 



    Firstly, it was local private order which i completed in October. Everybody liked it so much and i decided to add portfolio. With new model, I started improvings. Please check details and Version notes below.




    Base console i used PAL system(Europe). Made it "Region Free" to play NTSC (American) games too Completely dissassemble and cleaned pieces. I choose, specific colors of turtles which Green and Brown. Protective coat applied case for corrosion protection. Used Pear Green and Ground Brown mainly.. Front logo is magnetic. So you can use it or take out.

    Note: Only you needn't forget, "some NTSC games" may be a bit fast or slow because of 50/60Hz NTSC PAL difference.


    Version 1.2.0 Notes:

    - New controller design implemented. You are able to choose one of four Turtles color controller.

    Default one is Leonardo. New photo added to show controllers. If there is available controller stock; There will be option in listing to choose more controller.

    -Four Score Adaptor design/paint improvements.


    Version 1.1.5 Notes:

    - Front TMNT logo is magnetic now. Now, you have option to use it or not...

    - Technical difference is powerful Speaker to get better "openning sound"

    - Inner, Metalic protections coated with shimmer galvanise added paint.

    - Controller Ports painted.- Top Sewer & Turtles figure better Handpainted and not static.



    When you open console it plays 13 sec. Ninja Turtles OST. If you want to listen & watch it...Retro Kafa Portfolio Account:



    Made controller with same colors as console. You can see new variant controllers on new added photos.



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