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Pokemon Edition Custom Nintendo Gamecube
  • Pokemon Edition Custom Nintendo Gamecube

    Stok kodu: CSTM-POKEMONGC

    If you want to purchase and more details please visit our ETSY Shop.


    This is the Latest completed 2023 collection model. 
    Note: Last 2 Units to purchase.


    Pokemon Edition Custom Nintendo Gamecube 

    Max. Supply : 5
    Sold : 3
    Ready to Ship: 1

    Set Include:

    -TV Lead
    -Signed Authenticity Certiface w/frame


    *Optional You can purchase with LED Modded

    *Optional Pokemon themed memory card is optional add-on. (To save/load function)

    *Optional You can purchase higher capacity Sd Card. (64-512Gb)


    Power Adaptor doesn't included because of regional voltage/plug shape differences. 




    Base console is PAL (European) system. USA/CAN users need to purchase with Pico Modded. 

    I wanted to produce somethings about Pokemon and decided to make theme about "Ash&Pikachu" 
    Specially wanted to make diorama kind top jewel. Its completely hand painted Ash Ketchum, static grass and hand painted rocks.. Also, first time i made "OPEN LID" button as a Pokeball.


    First time, i made specific "Open" button for a gamecube. Pokeball Button, fits perfect. It gaves different kind color and detail to model.
    Front Pokemon logo is magnetic. So you can use it as front logo OR you can place front of diorama. How you desire.


    Pico mod let users plays games from SD Card. Also it converts console to Region Free. So you can continue using your Dvd games. If you purchase Pico Modded, Sd card adaptor and 64gb sd card comes included with set. 



    If item is "Ready Stock" Preparing documents, preparing certificate and printing it out, arrange packing elements and delivering parcel to Fedex hub with local postage system takes days. 
    So, Ready to ship doesn't mean "will dispatch tomorrow" Just you wouldn't wait items production. Couple days, later, tracking code will be applied to system.  Will be packed very well and 
    securely to handle long distance travel. :) 


    NOTE: When out of stock; It will be "Order to Made" Which will take 10-20 days to producing time depends on production line.. 


    Please feel free to ask details and information about item. I will happily reply your questions. I hope you will like model.


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