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HALO Premium Limited Edition Custom Xbox
  • HALO Premium Limited Edition Custom Xbox


    If you want to purchase and more details please visit our ETSY Shop.


    Note: Last 3 Unit to Purchase

    HALO Master Chief Limited Edition Xbox Original V.2.9.0 Zero Noise


    Max. Supply : 3

    Sold : 0 (Older Versions Sold 4 Units)

    Ready to Ship: 1 (This is new V.2.9.0)


    Set Include:

    -Cortane Chip Shaped Usb

    -Remote Controller
    -HDMI Adaptor

    -Magnetic UNSC Logo
    -Signed Authenticity Certiface w/frame



    This model is a "Master" piece. Can't describe. You need to watch, its youtube video for better understand. I privately recorded for this model.

    Demonstration Link:


    PAL (European) Console Version 1.0 
    As all my custom consoles, cleaned inside and outside carefully. Protective coat applied all the bases. 


    Re-Work Specs:
    -Replaced stock fans with Noctua. (GPU and Exhaust) Also, i used another Noctua top of CPU to better cooling..

    -For better cooling used passive heatsinks over chips. Also used TM-30 Corsair Thermal paste. 
    -Here is hidden button inside Chief Figure. When you press figure, HALO Theme OST will play. 

    (There is hidden 2x stereo speakers in case) 
    -I modified controller memory card slot and made it USB. Created Cortana Chip Memory card. Ready to use. 

    -1Tb Patriot Burst Elite SSD
    -V1.0 Console powered with Cerbios (capable to hold up 6TB Disk)
    -Private Boot Animation Intro Console opens with HALO Series intro (Please check listing video)
    -25-30 Emulator with over +4-5k titles
    -720p HDMI Adaptor


    This Console PAL system. So it works with 210-240V. USA and CAN users need to use with "Power Regulator/Convertor" to not harm console (Its converting 110v wallplug Voltage to 210-240V) All your known shopping sites have "power stepup regulator" alternatives. (Suggesting purchase on ETSY) Or you can basically replace with American xbox power board. (You can purchase "parts/repair" status xbox and replace its power board) If you are from EURO zone, no problem.


    If item is "Ready Stock" Preparing documents, preparing certificate and printing it out, arrange packing elements and delivering parcel to Fedex hub with local postage system takes days. 
    So, Ready to ship doesn't mean "will dispatch tomorrow" Just you wouldn't wait items production. Couple days, later, tracking code will be applied to system.  Will be packed very well and 
    securely to handle long distance travel. :) 


    NOTE: When out of stock; It will be "Order to Made" Which will take 10-20 days to producing time depends on production line.. 



    Please feel free to ask details and information about item. I will happily reply your questions. I hope you will like model.


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