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Gran Turismo Edt. Custom Console (V.2.0 Lite)
  • Gran Turismo Edt. Custom Console (V.2.0 Lite)


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    Sony Playstation 1 Gran Turismo Edition Sound Modded  (Version 2)


    Max. Supply : 10
    Sold : 3
    Ready to Ship: 0


    Set Include:
    -1 x Console
    -1 x Controllers
    -1 x Memory Card
    -All Leads (Power & TV)
    -Signed Authenticity Certiface w/frame

    -*Optional - "Dioramemo" Memory Card Diorama



    That model rebuilt version of older one; Changed major things. A Canadian member from ETSY bought its First release. Gran Turismo and Racing game fans will love it. 
    Beside V1 This model doesn't contain Car Parts. For your better comparison, I added V1 Photo #10 photo. 
    Let me explain the details;


    SCPH-9002 PAL 
    As all my customs cleaned inside and outside carefully. Protective coat applied all the bases. 
    Over protective coat, i made main colors. Tried to use REAL GT colors for best effect. So i choose Tulip Blue, Deep Black and Fire Red. 
    Painted some little details like Lens cover for giving sensation of "muscled car" Lens cleaned and reads problemlessas expected. 
    Most important part for Body/Console is "Spoiler" part. Its not static as V1. So if you "want" to stick it, It haves double sided tape below its legs. You can place where ever you want and make it static. (or you can use just for non-static cosmetic detail) !!Attention; Two sided tape is strong. So please select carefully where you applied it and apply carefully. It high probability gives damage to painting. 


    On version 2.0.0 I used original Dual Shock controller. Gran Turismo's one of best feature was Driving Licenses. So i used "A" and "B" license on it. (For giving; You are ready to play feeling.)
    All buttons and sticks covered same paints with console. Its totally compatible with console. Painted Plug part with Fire Red. Completed all tests of it. (You can see little part of test X3 speed video)


    -SOUND MOD- New Feature (21.09.2022)
    New version console have openning sound. When you power up console, It opens with Engine sound. If you want to check it, please watch and listen on my portfolio Insta:


    -POWER- New Feature (06.04.2023)
    Now it powered by Bitfunx Universal power board 12v.. With 12V adaptors (110-240V) all power standarts you can use it. 


    If item is "Ready Stock" Preparing documents, preparing certificate and printing it out, arrange packing elements and delivering parcel to Fedex hub with local postage system takes days. 
    So, Ready to ship doesn't mean "will dispatch tomorrow" Just you wouldn't wait items production. Couple days, later, tracking code will be applied to system.  Will be packed very well and 
    securely to handle long distance travel. :) 


    NOTE: When out of stock; It will be "Order to Made" Which will take 10-20 days to producing time depends on production line.. 


    NOTE 2: 

    * optional* DIORAMEMO
    On Version 2, Totally i touched to design. I re-created model for GT users. GT logos side, F1 Style wheel, racing chair, ground plate, back game name plate and curved screen first i can share with you. As all parts, Its Resin Printed for high detail. There is slot for memory card. 2 sided tapes wait to stick Memory card in it.  


    Please feel free to ask details and information about item. I will happily reply your questions. I hope you will like model.


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