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Crash Bandicoot Premium Limited Aztec Edition Custom Playstation 1
  • Crash Bandicoot Premium Limited Aztec Edition Custom Playstation 1

    Stok kodu: CSTM-CRASHBANDPS1

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    Note: Last 4 Unit to Purchase

    Sony Playstation 1 Crash Bandicoot Premium Limited Aztec Edition  (Ver.2.0.2)


    Max. Supply : 10
    Sold : 6
    Ready to Ship: 1


    Set Include:
    -1 x Console
    -1 x Controller (With 2 magnetic Figure)
    -Tv Leads
    -Signed Authenticity Certiface w/frame



    That model rebuilt version of older one; Changed major things. Crash Bandicoot fans will love it. first i wanted to give totally Aztec Temple feelings with details. Specially choose materials that i used.
    Let me explain the details;


    SCPH-9002 PAL 
    As all my custom consoles, cleaned inside and outside carefully. Protective coat applied all the bases. Over protective lining, covered all the surface material kind "clay" That gave brownish wall effect. Left and Right side, applied original Aztec Wall motifs over grids. Static grasses between grids give old, abondoned feelings and thats what i am looking for. Placed Aztec inscription between controller ports and put another real motifs over ports. Painted and made aging effects to them for getting clear root dye result.


    -Bottom of console and sensitive parts like inside Cd Cover painted Earth Brown color. Back of the console, used that Jaguar head sculpt and glyphs. Top of the console I used static grass and ancient paving blocks together with some scattered rocks. !Attention As you see on last photo, Relic Arcs un-mountable. (For safe transportation) Also they have magnets to change aku aku and uka uka's position easily. You can give them rotated poses easily. (Working on new masks from Crash Bandicoot 4 as expansion packs. You would able to change if you want.) Both masks (Uka and Aku) carefully hand painted for best result.

    -TNT and NITRO boxes on buttons gives you in-game feeling. All the models and logos (except Relic Arcs; They are hand crafted) Made by 0.05 layer height resin prints. Which means near factory produced action figure quality. Of course hand paints gave that looking and covered with gloss/matte coat.Purple shard not a static/glued model so you can change its position or take off. Wumpa fruits are static.



    On new version I changed controller to magnetic. You are able to use both head figures on it (Crash & Cortex) Also, I don't continue making "BROWN" controller as a bark/wood. While long time plays, that texture giving uncomfortable situation to hands. SO; New Controller is solid Brown. I Added photos of new version controller. Of course You can replace it with Yellow one which you can see on first photo.


    -SOUND MOD- New Feature 
    I placed "sound mod" to console. Console will open with Crash Bandicoot Jingle for 10-12 secs. Sound Demonstration Link:


    -POWER- New Feature (06.04.2023)
    Now it powered by Bitfunx Universal power board 12v.. With 12V adaptors (110-240V) all power standarts you can use it. 


    If item is "Ready Stock" Preparing documents, preparing certificate and printing it out, arrange packing elements and delivering parcel to Fedex hub with local postage system takes days. 
    So, Ready to ship doesn't mean "will dispatch tomorrow" Just you wouldn't wait items production. Couple days, later, tracking code will be applied to system.  Will be packed very well and 
    securely to handle long distance travel. :) 


    NOTE: When out of stock; It will be "Order to Made" Which will take 10-20 days to producing time depends on production line.. 



    Please feel free to ask details and information about item. I will happily reply your questions. I hope you will like model.


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